It started at a very early age – my son’s fascination with cars. He played with his Hot Wheels cars so much they had to be repainted. We had yellow tracks covering the basement floors. He would sit on the stoop at his grandmother’s house, which was on a busy street, and count the “guses”, his name for VW Beetles. He was probably the only kid on Colgate’s campus without a car of his own, until we finally broke down and bought him a Renault, a two-door, mind you, instead of the four-door we preferred. Not too long thereafter he received a gift from his grandparents which he invested in a neat, sporty VW(?). There has been no stopping him – from the early Ford 150’s to the latest Chevy Camaro.

My search for creative excellence in the art world paralleled with my son’s affair with cars, but my choice of floral motif never seemed to hang well in his house. So, not too many years ago for his 40th birthday, I did a fine art oil painting using a Mercedes as subject matter… and then a Charger for Christmas, and a Buick, and a Corvette wheel, a Z/28, and even one painted-with-fire. They are all quite at home in his family room.

We like to think there are other car enthusiasts out there who would be interested in owning original giclee fine art prints of these six oil paintings. The prints are available here, see below, and are printed on archival canvas using archival inks. Each giclee is printed to order, and signed and personalized by me.